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About Us

The Vermont Syrup Company

The Vermont Syrup Company represents a brand that has been built on a foundation of family, tradition, sustainability, and authenticity.The allure of maple flows deep in our roots, as our family has been making syrup for well over a century.2014 marks the 138thyear that our family continues its dedication to producing the highest quality maple syrup or "liquid gold" to those who have grown up with a love for maple sugaring.

Located in Franklin County, in northern Vermont, our small town of Fairfield is found in the heart of maple country.Each year Vermont leads the nation in maple syrup production, and Franklin County leads Vermont.The sheer volume of syrup in our region is due to the highly rural and natural landscape of the area. An abundance of maple trees paired with our unique spring weather patterns create ideal conditions for optimal sap flow and allow for Vermonters to produce the very best maple syrup, which our little state is now known for worldwide.


Our Syrup

We make our syrup in small 55-gallon batches.  Each barrel contains within its amber hue a distinct flavor unique to that small batch.We love seeing the different variations of maple flavor that exist from barrel to barrel, and we refuse to compromise these subtleties by blending any of our syrup.The flavor is pure, and every barrel is tasted in order to ensure the aroma, flavor, and overall essence meets the highest standards before being canned. All of our maple syrup products are 100% pure, certified organic and contain no additives, allowing the flavor and purity to speak for itself.

Commitment to Excellence

The number one priority of The Vermont Syrup Company is creating the highest quality maple products possible.Our commitment to quality is second to none and can be tasted in every drop of syrup.If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly honor a full refund.




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